Demi Lovato Got a Finger Tattoo With an Important Meaning

That’s some inspirational ink!

Tattoos are a way of decorating your body to reflect who you are as well as your aesthetic. While there are a lot of people who choose their designs based purely on how they look (guilty!), other people opt for things that have more meaning attached to them. Demi Lovato went for the latter with her new body art (but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look amazing, too).

Demi Lovato Gets a New Finger Tattoo

Demi Lovato is a fan of tattoos, having racked up a collection of over 30 of them. Her latest addition is less about decoration and more about affirmation – a daily reminder of self-love and self-care. On the underside of her left ring finger, she has the word ‘me’ delicately etched into her skin. This is basically to serve as a reminder to put herself first always, which is a message that we should all get behind.

This is especially significant because we all know that Demi has seen her fair share of struggles over the last few years, from drug addiction to mental illness. She even thanks her tattoo artist in her caption for giving her a new ‘forever reminder.’ And you can’t deny that it looks pretty cool too.

The rest of this year is set to be a big one for Demi, who is releasing her much-anticipated seventh studio album since her overdose last year. In light of this, she promises that her next offering will be brutally honest and will tell her side of the story. We hope that she finds the creative process a cathartic one and, fortunately, she now has this tiny reminder on her finger to encourage her to put herself, and her health, first. And, TBH, we could probably ALL do with one of those.

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