Um, hi, can we talk about body odour real quick?

This is a no-judgement zone 🙌🏽

Body Odour Shield

Let’s be real, body odour is something that many people deal with but don’t always feel comfortable talking about. It can make social interactions difficult and it can lower your self-esteem. But the good news is that we’re here to help.


Here are some ways that you can fight body odour:

1. Choose a great antiperspirant

Some people think that using just any old fragranced deodorant will combat body odour and sweat, but that’s not true. It is essential that you use an antiperspirant deodorant to not only reduce the amount of sweat your underarms produce but also to freshen them up. Shield has a wide range of deodorants for men and women to keep sweat and body odour at bay for up to 48 hours. 

2. Use antiperspirant at night

When you’re asleep, your sweat glands have more time to absorb the active ingredient found in antiperspirants. At night you sweat less, and your body temperature cools down, so your antiperspirant will absorb into your skin and get to work instantly without any factors in the way as you sleep. Remember to apply it evenly on your underarms for optimum protection. 

3. Don’t skip those daily showers

Every day your body picks up dirt and bacteria, so it’s important to bathe or shower daily so that your skin is cleansed. Remember that sweat on its own is odourless, however, bacteria and sweat combined is what causes it to smell. So, reducing bacteria on your skin will make a huge difference regarding how you smell. 

4. Exfoliation is the secret weapon

Not only can this reduce and prevent body odour, but it can make your underarm skin smooth too. Exfoliation scrubs away dead skin cells, eliminating a breeding ground for bacteria. Apply a gentle exfoliating cleanser to your underarms with a loofah and scrub in circular motions once a week. 

Ready to say goodbye to body odour and hello to fresh, smooth underarms? 

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