David Tlale has collabed with Avon to launch a range of accessories

Coming soon to an Avon rep near you!

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Looking for some sick new statement pieces? Your dreams have just been answered, because iconic beauty brand Avon has teamed up with legendary SA fashion designer, David Tlale, to create a line of accessories. And they are so gorgeous you are going to want the entire collection, which drops 1 March. Start saving!

David Tlale X Avon: empowered by design

David Tlale and international beauty giant Avon have collaborated on a collection of accessories, which will be available next month. It will include seriously-gorgeous limited-edition handbags, scarves and sunglasses. This partnership isn’t just about hooking consumers up with their fashion fix, but is also geared at making it accessible to all women, and to empower Avon beauty representatives by upping their earning potential. Because who wouldn’t want to get their hands on these?

David actually has a history with the brand. Or, at least, his family does. In a video he posted on the ‘Gram, he recounts how his mom and sister both loved Avon products. ‘I remember how my sister appreciated the product Avon, even my mom in her last beautiful days how she loved using Avon she was likeOh my child I need to put lipstick on.” It was just beautiful.’

He also goes on to explain why he has joined forces with them: ‘Over the years people have always thought that David Tlale is an unreachable brand. Why we decided to take upon this marriage with Avon? To say: David Tlale is an inspirational brand, Avon is a female-centric brand. There’s power in collaboration because I believe with this cross-pollination of cultures, values and business we are going to change people’s lives more than we did in our own right.’

Want to make sure you don’t miss out on getting your new local-is-lekker statement piece? Click here to reserve your slice of 2020’s hottest collab.

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