In My Makeup Bag: Junior Beauty Editor Aphiwe Khambule

Here’s how Aphiwe gets ready

Being someone who works in beauty, it’s easy to assume that my makeup looks would change everyday. TBH, I wear the same makeup look all week! (Because life.)

My makeup routine is usually very natural, and takes me around 20 minutes every morning. Most of my go-to products are stored in a separate bag to save me from having to rummage through all my other products.

When it comes to doing my eyes, the MAC Halcyon Full Face Kit is my fave! I use the darkest shade, ‘Saddle’, on the outer edge of my eyelids. For the inner part of my eyelids down to the corner, I’ll use the lighter shade, ‘Hanging On’, to make the eyes pop. For some definition, I like to add a white or colour eyeliner on my bottom eyelids, like the shimmery gold eyeliner from the MAC x Brant Brothers collaboration.


If there’s one thing I spend the most time doing, it’s my eyebrows. I always keep my brows on fleek by combing them up with a spoolie brush. Then I use the Benefit Instant Brow Pencil – the shape of the pencil makes it easy for me to naturally fill my brows.

I like to finish my look by adding some gloss, alternating between the Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss in Azalea and Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster. You can never go wrong with a little shimmer.

No look is complete without a spritz of setting spray. I love using the Clarins Fix Make-Up Spray as a primer before applying my makeup and again afterwards to set everything in place.

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