#COSMOBeYOUtiful: Meet the 6 Faces Who Are Changing the Beauty Industry

‘I’m here to represent beauty honestly by being an individual’

These influential individuals are shaking things up and redefining the traditional perceptions of what it means to be beautiful in 2018. They are setting their own standards.

Be sure to grab the May issue of COSMO to find out more about these amazing girls and how you can achieve their statement eye-makeup looks.

WATCH the video below:

The Actress – Michelle Mosalakae

Michelle first appeared on screens in Isibaya and was recently announced as one of the ambassadors for Revlon’s Live Boldly campaign. She is unapologetically embracing who she is: ‘People seem to think that if you look different there’s something abnormal or weird about you – but it’s not always about fitting in. Being different helps you to be more authentic,’ she says. 

The Blogger – Abongwe Qokela

Abongwe is the cool kid we all want to be on Instagram. She is all about breaking barriers. ‘I want to create content and show it to the world. It’s my little piece in the bigger puzzle of the fashion and beauty industry,’ she says. 

The Models – Anjelika Frye and Mariah Mckenzie

Women of colour have grown up to believe in a certain standard of beauty that is very limiting and tends to leave out our curls, melanin skin tones and Afrocentric features. However, models like Anjelika and Mariah are determined to change this. ‘I have a responsibility to represent women who resemble me. When I was growing up, I didn’t see women who looked like me in magazines, and I’ve always wanted to change that,’ says Mariah. These models are embracing their uniqueness and using it to inspire others to feel accepted in society. ‘I’m here to represent beauty honestly by being an individual,’ says Anjelika.

The Fashion Designer – Zoliswa Mbadu

Fashion-design graduate Zoliswa Mbadu has worked with many renowned fashion brands and has even launched her own label, Evolving Revolver.

Her striking features make her stand out, proving that you don’t need to succumb to stereotypical beauty standards to be regarded as pretty. ‘The beauty industry has programmed us into thinking that there’s a certain type of look that’s considered beautiful. As a result, someone who looks different thinks they’re not considered beautiful because they don’t fit into that beautiful bracket,’ she says.

The Pioneer – Kgothi Dithebe

Kgothi is redefining the beauty industry and inspiring others to find perfection in their flaws. ‘I feel a sense of responsibility to make a difference – and I’m doing this by being myself. This encourages other people to embrace who they are,’ she says. We couldn’t agree more.

Photography Katinka Bester

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