COSMO Beauty Club: How to transform into Trixie Mattel for Halloween

Shantay, this look can stay!

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Anyone who watches the extravaganza that is RuPaul’s Drag Race (which should be mandatory viewing for everyone, tbh) will know who Trixie Mattel is. There are even people who have never watched the franchise who know who she is. She’s *that* good, guys.

Sure, she may not have made it particularly far in her season (yikes!) but she showed the world that they had been wrong about her the whole time by winning All Stars Season 3 .


Now, she is heralded as one of the best drag queens to ever appear on the hit show, which makes her the perfect outfit choice for Halloween. And COSMO Beauty Club will show you how.

Want to bring Trixe Mattel realness to Halloween 2019? @plumboyy shows you how to get the look:

1. To cover your natural brows, swipe some Pritt over them, and then use your fingers or a spoolie brush to tame them flat. Use a blow dryer on a cool setting to dry the glue.

2. Once the glue is dry, cover your natural brows using a colour-correcting concealer and blend.

3. Apply a primer to your face and, once rubbed in, apply your foundation using a makeup sponge, making sure that you cover your brows as well. If they are still visible, use concealer to cover them completely.

4. Use concealer under your eyes and down the sides of your nose to the top of your lip, as well as on your cheeks and forehead to add some preliminary dimension to your face.

5. Using a contouring palette and a makeup brush, create shadows using the darkest shade from the sides of your nose under your eyes and up over the eyelids and onto your temples.

6. Use an eyebrow pencil to create new brows higher than where your natural ones are. Neaten up the edges by using a makeup brush and concealer.

7. Using a cream concealer, contour the sides of your nose in a darker shade to give it a pointy, feminine illusion. Blend the outer edges.

8. Use a concealer or a white cream makeup on your eyelids and underneath to give the illusion of bigger eyes. Then use a black liquid liner pen to create a dramatic cat-eye effect.

9. Use a cream concealer to contour your cheeks and the outside of your face.

10. Apply mascara to your natural lashes. Once dry, apply a set of long, thick false lashes.

11. Use a pink liquid lipstick on your lips, and go slightly over the edges to make them appear bigger than your natural ones.

12. Add some pink highlights to your new eyelids (above your natural ones in the region of your natural brows) and you are ready to win ‘Best Costume.’ You’re welcome!

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