#TrendAlert: Clear Nails Are About to Blow Up on Your Instagram Feed

Nailed it! 💅🏾

If you’re a manicure maven or follow nail artists on the ‘Gram (guilty! 🙋) then you already know, or are about to fall in love with, the latest trend – clear nails.

Loud and Clear

When it comes to manicures, long is definitely in, and has been for the last few years, thanks in part to celebs like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna. And while fashion colours and nail art have been – and still are – super-popular, clear nails are set to take over in a big way. Because LOOK AT THEM!

Tropical jelly icicles 🍒✨💕

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What’s great about this trend is the gel-like finish. And while you can still adorn them in the same way you would a regular mani, they look fab with or without decoration. And since no-one has naturally clear nails IRL, this can elevate your look and turn all the heads because it’s très futuristic. Can this trend hurry up and make it to SA shores ASAP, please? The anticipation is real!

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