Chrissy Teigen uses *this* Insta-fave mask for gorgeous skin

And now we will be using it, too

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Celebs are the ultimate influencers. Because of their extreme wealth and demigod status, they can afford the best of the best when it comes to skincare. And because of their status, they generally don’t even need to splurge on products, because they are often inundated with freebies from brands hoping that they will like it and spread the word.

GLAMGLOW – who already have a name for themselves in the beauty industry and have amassed a following of two million on the ‘Gram – don’t need the exposure, but they got the best type of it anyway: endorsement by Chrissy Teigen, who is obsessed with one of their famous face masks

Chrissy and GLAMGLOW: a love story

John Legend better watch out, because Chrissy Teigen‘s love of GLAMGLOW is powerful. So powerful, in fact, that she took to Instagram this weekend to share her love for one of their signature masks – the GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment.

Not only did she post a pic of herself wearing this popular peel-off silver mask to her Insta feed…

… but she also gave them a shout-out in her Instagram Stories, where she declared her undying love for this iconic mask.

chrissy teigen, skincare, skin, face mask, mask, glamglow, gravitymud, celeb, beauty
Instagram / @chrissyteigen

But what is so great about this mask anyway? Not only does it make for some sick social media posts (it’s chrome-coloured AND it peels off!) but it also contains ingredients that have been proven to make skin appear firmer. Which is something that pretty much everyone over the age of 30 is looking for in a product, tbh.

The best part of this revelation is that this Chrissy Teigen-approved mask is available in SA, so you can have skin that is as (or at least almost as) plump and radiant as hers.

Want skin like Chrissy Teigen? Shop one of her fave skincare splurges RN:




GRAVITYMUD is an out-of-this-world innovative peel-off mud treatment that instantly leaves skin feeling firmer and more lifted. It also happens to be a firm fave of Chrissy Teigen, so you know it’s good


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