Local beauty queen and actress Celeste Khumalo goes makeup-free on the ‘Gram

Radiant AF!

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It’s 2020, and while a new year always brings about new innovations and trends as far as beauty is concerned, recent years have also seen more and more famous faces ditch the makeup, even if it is just for a couple of pics or outings. The latest local star to post pics online with a face free of cosmetics is former Miss SA Teen and actress Celeste Khumalo. And she looks ~so damn radiant~ that she could easily go without ever wearing any again.

Bare-faced beauty

Are you even a celebrity if you haven’t posted a photo of yourself without makeup to social media? Jokes aside, this is becoming increasingly popular, as famous folk know that their fans value a bit of authenticity and want to show the world what they really look like under all the layers of makeup. They are just people after all, just with much bigger bank accounts than the rest of us!

The latest homegrown celeb who has shared images on Instagram of herself looking fresh-faced AF is former Miss SA teen and actress Celeste Khumalo. And yes, her skin is as flawless as you would expect.

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Lazy Sunday’s

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She also posted a slightly-less-bare-faced pic in which she is wearing just mascara and lip balm (which happen to be her beauty must-haves. We can relate!).

Considering that celebs and influencers are instrumental in shaping beauty ideals (and giving us alllllll the #goals), it’s refreshing to see more and more of them ‘stripping bare’ and showing us what they look like under all the layers of products. More of this, please!

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