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Victoria Beckham is the Latest Celeb to Be Launching a Beauty Line

Victoria Beckham is the Latest Celeb to Be Launching a Beauty Line

BEAUTY This Terrifying Butt Enhancing Treatment Involves Setting Your Ass on Fire - Helen Wallace | 10 July 2019 | 01:20pm

Don't try this at home πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

BEAUTY Camila Cabello Debuts Her New Blonde Bob and Looks Like a Completely Different Person - Helen Wallace | 09 July 2019 | 04:56pm

Another day, another blonde celeb.

BEAUTY Michelle Obama Got Blonde Highlights So Now I Need Blonde Highlights - COSMO | 09 July 2019 | 10:28am

Love to see it!

BEAUTY UPDATE: Lady Gaga is Pretty Much Photoshop-Free in Her Latest Beauty Campaign - Helen Wallace | 08 July 2019 | 04:06pm

'She sells cosmetics, not Photoshop. Iconic.'

BEAUTY Hold Up – Are Glitter Eyebrows Going to Be the Next Beauty Trend? - Helen Wallace | 05 July 2019 | 12:06pm

Brows have never been bolder πŸ”₯

BEAUTY Jamie Lynn Spears Is No Longer Blonde and She Looks Like a New Person - COSMO | 05 July 2019 | 10:21am


BEAUTY Billie Eilish Showed Off Her Bold, New Hair Colour on Instagram - Helen Wallace | 04 July 2019 | 12:37pm

We're 'green' with envy, lol.

BEAUTY Rihanna Wore Long, Burgundy Braids to the Cricket World Cup - Helen Wallace | 03 July 2019 | 01:15pm

And, obvs, all eyes were on her.

BEAUTY The Kylie Cosmetics Under The Sea Collection Looks Dreamy AF - COSMO | 02 July 2019 | 09:18am

Hands down her best yet.

BEAUTY Demi Lovato Got a Finger Tattoo With an Important Meaning - Helen Wallace | 01 July 2019 | 03:16pm

That's some inspirational ink!

BEAUTY Charlize Theron is Sporting Her Iconic Pixie Cut Again - Helen Wallace | 01 July 2019 | 12:45pm

Short and sweet

BEAUTY Priyanka Chopra is the Latest Celeb to Rock the Trendy Blonde Wig - Helen Wallace | 27 June 2019 | 10:19am

Maybe blondes do have more fun?