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Kim Kardashian Fans Genuinely Don't Recognise Her in New Pic

Kim Kardashian Fans Genuinely Don't Recognise Her in New Pic

BEAUTY Ariana Grande is Launching a 'Thank U, Next' Fragrance - Helen Wallace | 07 August 2019 | 03:02pm

Get ready to smell like a star

BEAUTY Millie Bobby Brown Has Mermaid Hair and Now We're Getting Extensions - COSMO | 07 August 2019 | 08:36am

Haircut? Never heard of it

BEAUTY Just a Ton of Pictures of Kylie Jenner Without an Ounce of Makeup - COSMO | 06 August 2019 | 11:09am

She honestly looks so different, I can't.

BEAUTY Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Squeeze an Egg-Sized Lump from a Man's Head - COSMO | 06 August 2019 | 10:33am

We've got a real cystuation on our hands.

BEAUTY Halsey's Rainbow Fringe is an Actual Hair Masterpiece - COSMO | 05 August 2019 | 09:28am

How and where can we get one?

BEAUTY Kylie Jenner Gave Us a Sneak Peak at Her Bday Beauty Collection - Helen Wallace | 01 August 2019 | 12:51pm

Happy birthday to us! 🎂

BEAUTY Rihanna Just Dictated What Lipstick Colour You Should Wear According to Your Star Sign - COSMO | 01 August 2019 | 10:07am

Fenty Beauty has spoken.

BEAUTY Billie Eilish Ripped Off Her Entire Fingernail and the Pictures Are Revolting - COSMO | 31 July 2019 | 10:05am

I'm gonna need a minute.

BEAUTY A Woman is Suing Gucci for Having Eyeliner Forced on Her - Helen Wallace | 30 July 2019 | 12:32pm

A bit of a reach, perhaps?

BEAUTY Kim Kardashian Used KKW Body Foundation on her Sunburn and Fans are Not Impressed - COSMO | 30 July 2019 | 10:29am

'You had to be in pain during that application though'

BEAUTY There's an Entire WALL of Framed Lip Kits in the Kylie Cosmetics Office - Helen Wallace | 29 July 2019 | 01:51pm

If she ever needs to rehome them, we'll be right here 🙋

BEAUTY Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Pop a 'Unicorn Cyst' in the Middle of a Man’s Forehead - COSMO | 29 July 2019 | 01:40pm

Unicorns will probably never be the same for you, sorry.