Spas around SA are now offering CBD massages

They’re a great way to chill the eff out

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One of the biggest trends in the beauty world RN is the introduction of CBD – or cannabidiol, which is derived from the controversial cannabis plant – into various products and treatments. And South Africa is not lagging behind, because you can now get CBD massages at spas in Joburg, Durban and Cape Town (and yes – they are totally legal!).

CBD massages have hit SA

Over the last couple of years, thanks to changing legislation around the use of marijuana and its derivatives, CBD has been cropping up just about everywhere. From ingestible drops and edibles that aid in everything from pain, anxiety and sleep disorders, to topical products that are meant to help with healing injuries and soothing skin, this once-100%-illegal plant is cropping up everywhere.

Heck, Kim Kardashian even had a CBD-themed baby shower before the birth of her fourth child. And let us not forget the CBD pizza which is available at national Italian food chain Col’Cacchio (well, there’s my lunch sorted). But one of the best, and most chilled, ways to experience this beloved molecule is via CBD massages, and you can now get them at some spas in South Africa.

Why would you want to be greased up with CBD oil? I’m glad you asked. In the same way that CBD is touted to calm the mind, it is also known for its ability to calm skin and has even been shown to offer relief to people with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It can also aid in muscle recovery, making it the perfect restorative post-workout treat.

Want in? Here are three SA spas that have CBD massages on their treatment menus:

Cape Town: Life Day Spa

Price: R890

Durban: Camelot Spa

Price: from R760

Joburg: Renaissance Day Spa

Price: R850

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