This Terrifying Butt Enhancing Treatment Involves Setting Your Ass on Fire

Don’t try this at home 🔥🔥🔥

Big butts are big business. In fact, ever since JLo brought the big booty back, circa 2002, everyone has been paying more attention to their derrière. More and more people are now forking out tons of cash to get *ahem* enhancements (the Kardashians may or may not comprise of some of them) and are undergoing treatments that are meant to make it look it’s peachy best. But one procedure, in particular, is doing the rounds on social media and getting loads of attention. And it may not involve any scalpels, but there is this other scary thing we call ‘fire’.

Baby Got (a Burned?) Back

Remember the old saying ‘if you play with fire, you gonna get burned’? The person on the receiving end of this viral butt-enhancing treatment obviously didn’t. Or maybe she did and didn’t care, which is *almost* scarier.

The original source of the video is unknown, but it shows what essentially looks like cupping for your tush. In it, a clay pot that is literally on fire is placed onto what looks like a well-lubricated bum cheek. This creates a vacuum that the flesh is sucked in to. After a few minutes, it is removed, leaving the woman with a much-inflated (albeit unhealthily red and sooty) behind.

If you’re wondering why this reminds you of something, it’s probably the Kylie lip challenge of 2015. And to be honest, not only does this treatment look painful and potentially dangerous, but we’re not convinced as to whether it would even have any long-term effects. And this is a lot to put yourself through for something that will no doubt have subsided within a few hours.

If you want a perkier butt, might we suggest squats? They are at least safer and marginally less painful than putting hot flames on your skin. Really.

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