This is How to Apply Bronzer, According to Rihanna's Makeup Artist

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Rihanna is a goddess. We know this. But it’s also worth noting that she has an entire glam squad to help her achieve her next-level beauty. One person who helps in this department is Hector Espinal, also known as Rihanna’s makeup artist (and Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty). And he happens to have a few tips when it comes to applying bronzer that you are going to want to know before summer rolls around. Follow them and you will be one teeny-tiny step closer to looking as flawless as RiRi.

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Who Should Wear Bronzer

For the longest time bronzer was marketed at pale-faced girls who wanted to fake their way to something resembling a light tan in summer. I know this because I fell into that trap and walked around with orange stripes on each side of my face. Nowadays, however, bronzer formulations (and my makeup skills) have come a long way. There are more inclusive shade ranges available, so this is a product that we should all be incorporating into our routines to give some depth and dimension to our faces. Yes, even you with the cheekbones!

Where to Apply Bronzer

So you’re convinced that you need bronzer – great. But where should you be applying bronzer? Just your cheeks? Nope! According to Hector, you should be applying it anywhere that the sun bounces off your skin. On the face, this includes your eyelids, chin, the high points of your face, above your brow bone and the bridge of your nose. Phew! Also, slightly further down, adding a bit of bronzer to shoulders and collar bone can give them some extra dimension as well.

How to Apply Bronzer

There are many types of makeup that can be applied using just your fingers. I personally use my ten digits to apply everything from foundation to eyeshadow. But, when it comes to bronzer, a brush will make the application a lot easier and will amp up the definition. We recommend a kabuki brush or a stippling one for blending.

What to Do If You’ve Applied *Too Much* Bronzer

Eish, it happens. This is why it’s so important to apply your makeup in a well-lit room or to use a light-up mirror. But if you do discover that you have gone a bit overboard, rather than washing all your makeup off and starting again (which is an option), try pressing the excess bronzer into your skin using a makeup sponge (which is a less-extreme option). With you makeup on point, you are ready to show off your Fenty Face.

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