How Pineapple Can Bring a Summer Glow to Winter Skin

🍍Are you feeling fruity?🍍

Ah, pineapple. Just one whiff or taste of this exotic fruit puts us in the mood for summer. It isn’t one of the main ingredients in a piña colada for nothing!


But aside from smelling and tasting delicious, this fruit is really good for you, and also happens to have some incredible benefits when used on skin. Yes, really!

Pining for Pineapple

So we know that pineapples make for great cocktails (and polarising pizza toppings) but what can this tropical fruit do for your skin? A whole lot, actually. Some people are such true believers in its skin-transforming powers that they even put the actual juice on their face. Because juice is generally full of other ingredients, such as sugar and preservatives, we wouldn’t recommend this. But this doesn’t mean you’ll have to miss out because there are now skincare brands that are harnessing its powers and delivering it to the public.

The reason that pineapple is such a popular choice RN for skincare products is because of its high concentration of bromelain enzymes and AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids. These are the same acids that are found in many chemical exfoliants as they melt away the bonds to remove the dead skin cells clinging to your face and body. This is infinitely more gentle than exfoliating with harsh scrubs, which can cause micro-tears in the skin when used on the regular.

This funky fruit also contains a high dose of vitamin C, making it a great skincare addition for people struggling with acne, pigmentation and general dullness. Add to that its ability to give skin a gorgeous glow, and you’ve got yourself the perfect all-rounder. Geez pineapple, talk about being an over-achiever!

Want to start adding pineapple to your skincare routine? Here are six products to get you started… and probably hooked!

1. Alba Botanica Pore Purifying Pineapple Enzyme Hawaiian Facial Scrub

No bluffing, all you need is a mild buffing. Pore-pleasing papaya and pineapple enzymes work their magic to clear out impurities as gentle buffing granules smooth away dulling debris to unveil radiant skin

R149.95 Wellness Warehouse SHOP NOW

2. SKOON. Papaya + Pineapple Sherbet Enzyme Exfoliating Mask

The SKOON. chemist has formulated a non-abrasive sherbet of enzymes and clay to exfoliate buildup of dead skin cells and debris. This ensures you get the most out of the ingredients


3. Hey Gorgeous Pineapple & Papaya Enzyme Cleanser

A gentle deep cleanser that removes dull, dead skin cells to promote healthy-looking skin. Multi-fruit AHAs and antioxidants purify pores and protect skin against environmental stressors while helping to improve texture

R220 Hey Gorgeous SHOP NOW

4. Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel

This deep peeling gel contains cellulose particles and AHA found in apples. It effectively exfoliates dry flaky skin and eliminates oil in pores. Pineapple, aloe and purslane extracts cultivate skin that is clear and blemish free

R220 Seven Blossoms SHOP NOW

5. Tony Moly's Fresh To Go Pineapple Mask Sheet

Tony Moly’s Fresh To Go Pineapple Sheet Mask with extracts from real fruits and vegetables, makes dull and dark skin look radiant. It’s a transparent natural cellulose sheet which contains 1000 ppm  of pineapple extract

R45 Milo + Mo SHOP NOW

6. Anatomicals Aloha Is It Me You're Looking For? Pineapple Body Lotion

While the subtle fragrance will have your body smelling fruity and fresh – and possibly transport you to a tropical island – this lightweight, paraben-free lotion is made with natural coconut oil to leave skin soft and nourished

R149 Superbalist SHOP NOW

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