The best hair moments from New York Fashion Week A/W 2020 and how to recreate them at home

And we have TRESemmé to thank for these fire looks

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Dying for some autumn/winter hair inspo? Fresh off the New York Fashion Week runway and keyed by TRESemmé global stylist Justine Marjan, she breaks down exactly how to recreate these statement, cool-girl hair lewks at home. FYI, Justine has SEVERAL Kardashians on her client list so you best take note.

**COSMO flew to New York courtesy of Emirates via Dubai from Cape Town.

The presence pony

The show: Christian Siriano
The inspo: ‘Christian Siriano’s collection had loose Harley Quinn ties. “Presence Pony” is a statement hairstyle for women who have mastered the power of presence, and are ready to make their mark on the world.’

Source: TRESemmé

Pair this with a black power suit and you’ll mean business *all the fire emoji*

Step 1 Straighten the lengths of your hair with the ghd Platinum+ Styler.
Step 2 Apply extra-hold gel to your roots and slick your hair completely back, then tie a mid-ponytail that’s at the same level as your ears.
Step 3 Wrap or clip in a ponytail hairpiece for added length and thickness, then attach pieces of pink and blue extensions for a stylish pop of colour.
Step 4 Conceal your extensions and hair tie by wrapping hair around the base of your ponytail. Mist TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hair Spray and add a bobby pin for hold and security.
Step 5 Flat-iron your ponytail for an ultra-sleek finish and use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil.
Step 6 End off with TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hair Spray.

Half-up fishtail braids with a flip

The show: Rebecca Minkoff
The inspo: ‘We wanted the braids and hair to feel relaxed and imperfect as if the models had just woken up and quickly fixed their hair.’

Source: TRESemmé

Lazy girls, where you at? This one’s for you!

Step 1 If you weren’t blessed with length, add some clip-ins as a quick fix.
Step 2 With the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong, gently twist and curl your hair in different directions.
Step 3 Once you’ve moulded these soft waves, flip your hair to the side.
Step 4 On either side of your hair, create thick AF fishtail braids, clipping them together at the back of your head with a bobby pin.
Step 5 Gather a bit of hair beneath them and create another thick but asymmetrical fishtail and then rake your fingers through it, lightly pulling it apart for a fun, dishevelled effect.
Step 6 Create a few smaller fishtails around the front and back of your head – and don’t forget to rake your fingers through these once again.
Step 7 Keep this upgraded bed-hair look intact with TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hair Spray.

The woven pony

The show: Chromat
The inspo: ‘The theme of the show has Olympic undertones, so we wanted to create a look that felt sporty and chic.’

Source: TRESemmé

Ariana Grande had better keep up because this new-and-improved pony might just replace her signature look.

Step 1 Prep your locks and give them texture by spraying TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo onto them.
Step 2 Gather the top section of your hair up and secure in place with an elastic.
Step 3 Gather the rest of your hair and secure it with an elastic at the nape of your neck.
Step 4 Need to add some length? Secure hair extensions to create the big-ass braid.
Step 5 Attach a ribbon to the base of your ponytail and weave it through your hair, securing it at the bottom.
Step 6 After making sure your bottom knot is secure, pull the hair away from the ribbon in small sections to create an imperfect plait. Spritz on TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray and you’re good to go.

The bold, brave braid

The show: Jason Wu
The inspo: ‘This look is a statement hairstyle for women to embrace their most authentic self in how they look, speak and act.’

Source: TRESemmé

Feeling fancy and fierce? This modern, feminine hairstyle will make sure you radiate both.

Step 1 Apply TRESemmé Volume & Lift Styling Mousse to damp hair and comb through to dispense evenly.
Step 2 Brush your hair back, creating a side path.
Step 3 Pull your hair back into a ponytail and secure it at ear-level, then give it a spritz of TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray.
Step 4 Use either your fingers or a comb to create some subtle body at the top of your head.
Step 5 Split your ponytail into three sections, braid it and then secure with TRESemmé Firm Hold Styling Hair Spray.

Product + tool roundup


ghd Platinum+ Styler


This much-loved styler maintains optimum heat to avoid damaging the hair, and will ensure sleek, gorgeous results


TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hair Spray


This hairspray tames frizz and flyaways, and keeps your style in place all day (and all night) long


TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil


This hair oil is a blend of keratin and marula oil, which ensures your hair is silky-soft, smooth, shiny and healthy AF


ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong


Looking for the perfect bouncy finish? These curling tongs will make you look like you have just stepped out of the salon


TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo


Whether you want to refresh and revive your hair or give it texture to create snazzy looks, this versatile spray does both


TRESemmé Volume & Lift Styling Mousse


This mousse provides superior, natural-looking volume, leaving your hair feeling natural and not stiff


TRESemmé Firm Hold Styling Hair Spray


Looking for an exra-firm grip? This hairspray will make sure your style stays put for up to 24 hours


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