This Beauty Tool Could Make Applying Makeup *SO* Much Easier

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When it comes to finding your perfect shades, sometimes even the 40-shade selection doesn’t cut it. Many people are still having to mix their own custom shades by using two different foundations. And it’s not just base that sometimes needs some customising. Lipsticks can also be blended together to create your perfect colour when none of your existing ones do the job.

This mixing is usually done on the back of one’s hand, which can be a messy and wasteful job. But there’s a new, innovative beauty tool that is about to make mixing and matching a whole lot easier.

The Perfect Palette

When someone says the word ‘palette’ in relation to beauty, what generally comes to mind is a curated assorted of eyeshadow. But there’s another type of palette that is making waves online and having beauty junkies hitting the ‘add to cart’ button in their droves.

The handheld makeup palette is a nifty beauty tool that slides on to the top of your hand so that you can mix and blend like the artist you are and create your perfect colour matches.

Yes, you could just do this on the back of your hand – something people have been doing for yonks – but this gadget makes life a lot easier. This is because it doesn’t leave a mess on your hand that you have to clean off (and we ALL know that some makeup has serious staying power!) and, because it’s made from sheer acrylic, it doesn’t absorb into your skin causing you to waste unnecessary product.

It also fits securely over your hand, making it comfortable to use and easy to clean, so you have a blank canvas every time.

Want to take your makeup routine to clean and fuss-free new heights? Then it might be time to invest in a handheld makeup palette. Just sayin’.

1. Makeup Handheld Palette

Save more foundation, concealer, lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush by using a clear makeup palette. Your makeup will end up where it should be – on your face – and not wasted on your skin while you blend custom shades

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