5 Game-changing Beauty Tips from Models to Steal Right TF Now

From everyday to runway

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Just in case you missed the memo, it is currently New York Fashion Week, which is one of the most-anticipated style events of the year. There are tons of famous faces to be spotted at shows and on runways, and while the clothes are meant to be the focal point, the hair, makeup and glowing skin that saunters down the catwalk is also something to behold. And while we know that the models are (unfairly) genetically blessed, they do have some beauty tips that can make even the *most average* of us look like one of the pros. I’ve never been more ready.

1 Stay Hydrated

Yes, we know, you have heard this one a trillion times, but so many models claim that the reason behind their flawless complexions is drinking loads of water, and it remains one of the OG beauty tips. While this doesn’t guarantee perfection (unless those acne-causing hormones get the message), it will go a long way in keeping your skin plump and clear (and the rest of your body functioning well too).

2 Mix & Match

Unlike the lies we have been led to believe, when it comes to makeup you can layer different products to get the desired effect. Case in point: Winnie Harlow doesn’t just rely on one mascara to create defined lashes, but layers two (one for volume followed by one for length) so that she brings as much drama as possible. Don’t be scared to experiment when it comes to achieving your perfect finish.


3 Hack Your Hair

Models love dry shampoo. And so do we! This genius product not only helps to extend your style for a day (or, if you’re gross like me, two) before you need to wash it again, but it also acts as an effective texturising spray. This means that a few spritzes of this on difficult hair can make it easier to sculpt to perfection. But what if your hair is an oil slick and beyond help? You could wash it. Or you can do what models do and plait it for a sleek, polished look instead.

4 There’s the Rub

Makeup artist Tom Pecheux, who has worked as the lead MUA backstage at Victoria’s Secret shows, says that using expensive skincare ain’t gonna help if you aren’t massaging your face on the daily. This is probably why the VS Angels always look so damn radiant (or it could be that they were handpicked out of thousands of other models). Massaging your face increases circulation and decreases puffiness, so doing this religiously while you are applying your moisturiser can improve your skin’s appearance. We’re sold!


5 Less is More

It might be one of the most overused phrases in history but, when it comes to your makeup and skincare routines, less really is more. Well, at least that’s what the models say. Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner both believe that keeping things gentle and simple is the best way to achieve and maintain an all-over glow. This means not overdoing the product (do you *really* need a 10-step routine?) and using formulas that suit your skin type, rather than plastering everything on and hoping for the best.

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