Get ready to meet pimple patches, your new zit-busting BFF

You’ll soon ‘spot’ the difference in your skin.

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Acne is the worst. While there are plenty of brands, people and activists trying to normalise this very normal skin concern, we are still a long way from total acceptance. And looks aside, zits can be painful and can even succumb to infection, which is why treating them with the appropriate products is so important. So you might already be using ALL the acne-busting cleansing and moisturising products, but have you ever popped on a pimple patch? You should, because they are a total beauty game-changer. Trust us.

How Pimple Patches Work

You may have heard of pimple patches, but they are taking their sweet time making their way into the mainstream when it comes to treating blemishes. They have been a must-have in any Korean skincare routine for years, and now – FINALLY – they are here to adhered themselves to (and heal) South African skin as well.

But how do these small simple patches work? These round, semi-transparent circles are made using an ingenious material hydrocolloid dressing, which is a type of wound bandage that helps to draw out moisture.  So when you stick one on a zit, it pulls out any pus and debris and traps it inside the patch (for your viewing pleasure at removal time). The other great thing about wearing them is that it prevents those who like to pick at their faces (me!) from touching the affected area and causing further damage, such as scarring, discolouration or a trip to the ER with an infected face.

Next time you wake up to a pus-filled nodule on your face, don’t go into a panic. Instead, go into your beauty cupboard and pop on a pimple patch and watch it deflate in a matter of hours. Where have they *been* all our lives???

Want to stock up on pimple patches for ‘in case of emergency’? Here are four brands that you can shop RN for overnight results:


Medic Acne Patches


These invisible patches get to work absorbing excess oils and secretions and protecting acne from dirt so that your pimples clear up quickly and painlessly


COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

R85Glow Theory

These mini acne patches work miracles overnight – apply one of them to whiteheads or popped pimples and they suck out all the gunk and flatten pimples by morning


So'Natural Clear Spot Patch

R120Butterkup Beauty

Made out of a hydrocolloid material, these patches extract impurities from whiteheads or popped pimples whilst protecting the wound from bacteria and infection


Vice Reversa Pimple Patch


Vice Reversa Pimple Patch is an innovative microneedling skincare patch that targets pimples in their development stage, helping to neutralise and flatten them before they fully develop


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