12 jumbo braid hairstyles you’re going to want to screenshot ASAP

Yes, you definitely need to try these styles.

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I love getting my hair braided, but I’m not into the fact that for a lot of styles, like micro braid hairstyles, your ass will be in a chair for hours. I have no patience to sit still for half a day, so my go-to look this fall is jumbo braids. Because jumbo braids are so large—hence, the name—they don’t take long to braid, and they also won’t weigh down your scalp the way smaller braids can. And, if you’re especially low-maintenance like I am, you’ll be happy to know that jumbo braids are also easy to style and look really dope, no matter what you do to them.

Now that you’re on the jumbo braids bandwagon, check out these 12 jumbo braid hairstyles from Instagram and screenshot your faves to send to your braider.

Feeling bold? Then you should try out these yellow jumbo braids. Pro-tip: Keep frizz and flyaways at bay by wrapping your braids in a silk scarf and sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night.

3 These Jumbo Braids in a Bob

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Rock your jumbo braids in a bob if you want a shorter length. Don’t forget to spritz your braids with a leave-in conditioner spray to keep them hydrated.

4 These Half-Up Half-Down Jumbo Braids

Work an updo into your style rotation by wearing your jumbo braids in this half-up, half-down look. Keep the ends shiny and moisturized with a lightweight hair oil.

5 These Jumbo Braids with Gold Thread

Wrap a gold thread around a couple of your braids for a cool accessory moment. Make sure your braids stay glossy by misting them with a shine spray each morning.

6 These Pink Jumbo Braids

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If you’re willing to try out another vibrant colour—or, you’re just not feeling yellow—try these hot-pink jumbo braids, instead. Be sure to use a scalp treatment when your hair’s braided up to make sure it doesn’t get irritated and dry.

7 Ciara’s Extra Long Jumbo Braids

Take a page out of Ciara’s hair book and copy her extra-long jumbo braids next time you switch up your look. Work a dry oil into the ends of your braids to keep them looking fresh.

8 These Brown and Black Jumbo Braids

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours when it comes to your jumbo braids. Not only do two-tone colours look super cool (I mean, the proof is right here), but they also add another layer of dimension to your style. m 

9 These Side Swept Jumbo Braids

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When I say me and @yemani_elise got on like two peas in a pod ! We got on like two peas in a pod . Absolute chilled and cool chic . Thank you for traveling all this way to get your hair done by me . We got more hairstyles pending for yallllll ???????. #momoshair #hairbymo #themomoaffect #braids #braidsbymo #ukhairstylist #ukhairdresser #londonhairstylist #londonhairdresser #hairtrends2019 #hairtrends #protectivestyles #protectivehairstyles #bigboxbraids #neatbraids #smallbusiness #blackownedbusiness #hair #babyhairsonfleek * * * * * * * * Products used : @sensationnel_hair : x- pressions extensions (1b) . @fonexcosmetics : Gummy Professional Styling (hard finish ) . @darkandlovely : Jam Gel . @fantasiahaircare : Spritz and Braid Spray . @superdrug : Own Brand ultra Hold Mousse. @lusterpink : Glosser .

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Another easy way to switch up your look? Literally just sweep your jumbo braids off to the side (and add some gold accents, like thread and cuffs). Keep your edges laid with a non-flaky edge control gel.

10 These Jumbo Braids in a Topknot

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My beautiful client @jodiejeru ah mean how amazing does she loook rocking big triangular box braids done by myself. She’s deffo become one of my regulars I absolutely look for to her coming fall the way from Liverpool !! Love you @jodiejeru . #momoshair #hairbymo #braidgang #briadsbymo #neatbraider #triangleboxbraids #chuckybraids #protectivestyles #mixedhair #topbun #hairstyles #hairttrends #summerhair #festivalhair #holidayhair #highwycombe #ukhairstylist #ukhairdresser #londonhairstylist #longhairdontcare #londonhair #vacationhair #festivalhair #melaninpoppin #braidedhairstyles #london #highwycombe #hairisbeauty Products used : @sensationnel_hair x – pressions (30) . @darkandlovely Jam Gel . @fantasiahaircare Sheen and Shine Braid Spray . @superdrug Own Brand Extra Hold Mousse . @cremeofnature @cremeofnatureuk Perfect edges , Edge Control . @cremeofnatureuk @cremeofnature Style and Shine Foaming Mousse .

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Forget a messy bun—throw your jumbo braids into a cute topknot and secure it with bobby pins. Have your braider play with the angles of your parts if you know you’ll be wearing your hair up a lot.

11 These Ombré Jumbo Braids

Take your jumbo braids from dark at the roots to light at the ends for an ombré finish. Freshen up your braids with a no-rinse cleanser when you’re in-between washes.

12 These Light-Brown Jumbo Braids

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Fact: Light brown is the perfect shade for jumbo braids, especially if you don’t want regular ol’ black again, or if you’re not down to do a crazy colour this time. Subtle, yet fresh.

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