6 Weird AF Beauty Hacks That Celebrities Swear By

Don’t try these at home (even if they do come celeb-endorsed!)

It’s not just regular folks that love beauty hacks. Apparently, the celebs love them too because their glam squads also need the occasional break. Here are six that some of the rich and famous swear by (and, thanks to them, now we do, too!).

1 Chloë Grace Moretz Using Olive Oil as Facewash

When she isn’t drenched in blood on screen, this young celeb can be found washing her face with something from the kitchen cupboard – olive oil. While we know that oil cleansing is a great way to get rid of makeup and buildup without stripping your skin, the olive oil meant for cooking is heavy AF and not really ideal for the face. But hey, if it works for her… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


2 Lady Gaga Using Tape to Pull Back Saggy Skin

We know that Gaga is (to put it mildly) a bit alternative, and her beauty routine is sometimes just as kooky. This star claims to find it a meditative experience to apply tape to her face to pull back any sagging skin. For real. Getting plastic surgery would be too permanent a change for her, as she likes to mould her face by taping her upper eye and neck area while performing her daily mantras. Okay then.


3 Shailene Woodley Brushing Her Teeth With Clay

Toothpaste has become something of a controversial beauty product. Why? Because more and more people are taking issue with the fact that they contain fluoride. Shailene is obviously one of those people because she uses clay to brush her pearly whites instead. Yes, she puts that chalky stuff from the earth that is often found in face masks in her mouth. By the looks of her, it must do a decent job!


4 Beyoncé Using Glue to Keep Her Brows in Place

Yes, even Queen Bey has a bit of freak in her! Despite the fact that the market is saturated with different gels and pomades that are designed to keep eyebrows in place, this singer likes to use glue to make sure her brows stay in place. And her makeup artist, Sir John, actually endorses this.


5 Kim Kardashian Lathering Herself in Oil and Lotion Before Gym

Before you hit the gym, you should probably make sure you are clean and sweet-smelling. But lathered up in oil and lotion? Not something we’d recommend unless you enjoy slipping off the treadmill! This is, however, something that Kim K does religiously because she has been led to believe that this practice will promote firm skin and prevent wrinkles. Who’s going to tell her?


6 Snooki Using Cat Litter as a Face Mask

This Jersey Shore star is not short of weird habits, and is beauty routine is not exempt. In her book  Confessions of a Guidette, she revealed one of her ‘life-changing tips’ which was to use cat litter as a facial mask and scrub, if you are looking for beauty on a budget. Not only is this dangerously abrasive for your poor skin, but it is meant to be pooped on by kittens. We’ll pass.


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