How to Reapply Sunscreen Over Your Foundation

This will come in handy

Sunscreen is the single most important skincare product in your arsenal. Why? Protecting your skin from harsh UV rays is the only surefire way to delay the signs of ageing (well, that and cosmetic surgery) as well as preventing skin cancer from developing.

The African sun is no joke, guys. And while many people still think that they only need to worry about SPF in summer, they would be wrong, as we should really be slathering it on daily in order to reap the benefits. Another thing that is common knowledge is that we should be applying it every few hours – it’s magic powers are not magical enough to withstand an entire day of wear. But how are you meant to reapply when you are wearing a full face of makeup? This game-changing beauty hack makes it possible.

Protect Yo’self

Beauty blogger Hannah English has come up with a genius beauty hack to reapply your sunscreen while wearing makeup. And the idea – like many great ideas – came to her out of laziness. She was going to be heading out of the house one *insanely hot* afternoon and thought she needed to put more sunscreen on. Instead of taking her makeup off, she added some sun cream to her face and, using a beauty sponge, simply blended it into her skin.

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Credit: Instagram / @ms_hannah_e

Not only does this make sure that those pesky UV rays can’t get to you, but it also gives an on-trend dewy finish.

While there are some SPF mists available on the market, this beauty hack means that you can stick to a creamy formula you love and apply it whether you have a full face of makeup on or not. We have no idea why we never thought of this before, and it is going to make our lives a whole lot easier. If you were going to use makeup as an excuse to not wear sunscreen you might need to come up with a better story. We’ll wait.

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