Your eyelash extensions could be home to microscopic bugs

Creepy AND crawly!

Different false eyelashes on color background

Last year we were shook/horrified to find out that there are loads of bugs crawling around (and even *ahem* procreating) on our faces at even given time. Nice. But did you know where else these critters like to make a cosy home for themselves? In your eyelash extensions.

The reason for this is simple: after getting a fresh new set of lashes, many people avoid cleansing them thoroughly for fear of them falling off. The result? A warm, funky environment that makes for the perfect bug breeding ground. And while you probably don’t want to see what they look like, here’s a video anyway for your viewing (dis)pleasure:

These mites, which are known in medical circles as Demodex, can inhabit any unwashed face, but because of the ‘different’ cleansing habits of those trying to preserve their eyelash extensions, doctors are seeing a spike in cases. And even if you don’t contract lash lice, not keeping them clean can have other repercussions, such as redness, irritation and bacterial infections. Not a vibe.

Bye-bye bugs

So you’re not keen to have a colony of mites setting up camp – we feel you. But how do you keep them at bay? Since the purpose of lashes is to catch dirt and debris, it’s important that this area is kept clean to avoid an infestation. Lash techs generally advise that you wait 24 hours before getting them wet, but after that, it should be back to your regular washing, as long as your cleanser is oil-free, as the oil can dissolve the glue that is keeping the extensions attached and ruin your lewk. Consider yourself warned.

Keep it clean, folks!

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