OMG, Beauty Dumpster Diving is a Thing (But We Don't Recommend It!)

One stores trash is another women’s beauty haul

The culture of waste is one that all industries play a part in, and the beauty world is no exception. And it’s not just the excessive packaging that is causing problems, but the actual dumping of products themselves. This practice of tossing out ever-so-slightly-imperfect goods isn’t practiced as much in SA as it is abroad, and some beauty bloggers and makeup junkies from across the pond are helping to ease the burden of waste by going beauty dumpster diving. And this doesn’t just benefit the environment, but their wallets too.

Beauty Dumpster Diving: What Is It?

Dumpster diving has been a common practice among many people in the developed world for a long time. It is essentially sneaking into stores grounds at night and going through their dumpsters to get hold of products that are still safe for consumption, such as food that expires on that day that is still perfectly edible. Beauty dumpster diving is the same, except that this movement was started by beauty bloggers and has them rifling through the trash thrown out by big cosmetic chains.

Some of the people who have taken up this unusual pastime claim that it is because they want to live waste-free lives and help the planet. That’s very honourable, but since there are people who have managed to score thousands of dollars worth of high-end makeup in one haul, there are definitely perks other than just helping to eliminate waste. Such as the opportunity to show off your stash online.

The upside to beauty dumpster diving for those that do it is obviously loads of free makeup. The downside, however, is potentially a lot more serious. The only people who know why a product was tossed out are the people at the store so there could be defects that could be harmful to people using the products. Irritation, allergies, swelling and redness are just a few things that can happen if you used old, expired or used makeup, which is why this practice doesn’t come recommended. By us, and beauty professionals. Not to mention that the palette of your dreams might have some expired ham stuck to it.

Sure, you could say you want to get involved in waste management *wink wink nudge nudge* but at what cost to your skin and overall health? Just something to think about before scratching through a bin.

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