The Busy Girl's Guide to Healthy Hair in Summer

Look forward to beautiful locks!

Your hair is your crowning glory – your best accessory! And, no matter what type of hair you have, it’s a great way to make a statement, that is, when it behaves. Although we all want an instant head of perfect locks, the reality is, great looks take work. So, how can you get beautiful looking hair in these hot summer months? It’s pretty simple actually – and you don’t have to take huge amounts of time out of your R&R time to see great results – just a little extra care.

Reduce The Heat

Your mane is just like your skin – the sun can do serious damage to it without you even noticing. Make sure to protect it from the elements by using deep conditioning products and by reducing overexposure to the elements. Keep your tresses covered with hats, scarves and seek the shade wherever possible. Also, limit the amount of heat styling you do – it can make a big difference. So, say hello to heatless hairstyles.

Get A Trim

A simple trim can work wonders at any time of the year. This way you can make sure you get rid of any damaged or split ends and help your crown look, and feel, healthier. Your hair also grows faster in summer so trimming ends will help it to feel lighter. It’s a quick way to get great results.

Keep Hydrated

Wondering how to treat dry hair? One of the main ways to keep your hair healthy is from the inside out. You will never hear this advice enough – ensure that you keep well hydrated. It does amazing things for your mind, body and hair. Water is the key to all hydration, including your hair and scalp.

Loosen Up

This brings new meaning to the concept ‘uptight’. Pulling your tresses too tight can cause major damage, especially when your hair is dry or damaged already. It’s best to avoid wearing it in styles that may pull on or break the distressed strands. Perhaps try to alternate your up styles with looser hairstyles to give it a chance to recuperate. 

So, no matter how packed your itinerary is the rest of these summer months, make sure that your hair looks and feels great thanks to these simple tips. Bring on the last days of summer!

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