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This Celebrity MUA's Hack for Creating Perfect Brows is so Simple (and Genius)

This Celebrity MUA's Hack for Creating Perfect Brows is so Simple (and Genius)

BEAUTY OMG, Urban Decay is Launching a NAKED Honey Eyeshadow Palette - COSMO | 15 August 2019 | 02:38pm

Best. News. EVER.

BEAUTY 20 Short Natural Hairstyles That'll Make You Want to Chop Your Hair ASAP - COSMO | 14 August 2019 | 10:05am

It's time to hit the refresh button on your look.

BEAUTY This Beloved KBeauty Ingredient is Gross, But It Can Transform Your Skin - Helen Wallace | 05 August 2019 | 03:39pm

Slippery, slimy and spectacular!

BEAUTY People Are Using Lash Curlers for a Weird (and Gross) Reason - Helen Wallace | 02 August 2019 | 01:44pm

Don't try this at home ☠️

BEAUTY 4 Runway-Inspired Hairstyles You Can Actually Pull Off - COSMO | 02 August 2019 | 11:19am

With the right products, how could you fail? 👑

BEAUTY Want to Get Your Hands on Huda Beauty? Now You Can (Thanks, Zando!) - Helen Wallace | 29 July 2019 | 03:59pm


BEAUTY Armpit Facials Are the Perfect Way to Pamper an Unloved Body Part - Helen Wallace | 29 July 2019 | 02:32pm

Pretty, pampered pits.

BEAUTY Revlon's New PhotoReady Candid Collection Contains No Oils, Parabens, Phthalates, or Harsh Fragrances 😍 - COSMO | 25 July 2019 | 02:16pm

Also, 100% obsessed with this packing 💁🏻

BEAUTY How to Recreate These Two *FIRE* Festival Hair Trends - COSMO | 22 July 2019 | 03:46pm

Here's ✨head bling✨ done right!

BEAUTY Marshmallow Is As Good For Your Skin As It Is For Fireside Snacks - Helen Wallace | 22 July 2019 | 02:49pm

Sweet treats for happy skin.

BEAUTY The New Playgirl Deodorants Are Inspired by the World's Fashion Capitals: Paris, London and NYC - COSMO | 19 July 2019 | 11:15am

Get that front row, VIP feeling ✨😍

BEAUTY Get Ready For a Pity Party Because Crying Can Be Good For Your Skin - Helen Wallace | 18 July 2019 | 12:26pm