5 beauty advent calendars to make your festive season even more fun

Daily gifts during December? Yes please! ???

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When I was growing up, advent calendars that had stale chocolates hidden behind cardboard doors were *all* the rage. My mother never let me have one, so I had to make do with the handmade paper variety. I am still recovering from this ‘childhood trauma.’ Fast forward to 2019, and beauty advent calendars are one of the big Yuletide splurges. And while they have been popular across the pond for some already, things move at a slower pace in SA, with this trend really only becoming a ‘thing’ in the last few years. And we are so glad they (finally) did!

Jingle everyday

Advent calendars are great, and they are even better when filled with treats. It makes the festive season and countdown to Christmas even more fun because you get a present, albeit a small one, every day leading up to the 25th. This makes ita great buy for someone who isn’t patient enough to leave the presents under the tree alone until the big day comes – something I am 100% guilty of.

Beauty advent calendars are one of the more recent varieties available each year, and they make the perfect gift for yourself or the beauty junkies in your life. Some of them contain makeup, some skincare and some of them a combination of both, but one thing’s for sure: They are always exciting and guaranteed to make the festive season even more… well… festive!

From budget to bougie, there are options available to suit any bank balance, and they contain a selection of products that will fill any beauty lover with festive cheer. So if any of my friends didn’t know what to get me for Christmas this year, now they do (thanks in advance!).

Want to get a beauty advent calendar for yourself or a loved one this festive season? Here are five we love that you can – and should – shop right now (seriously, these things sells out in a hot minute):


The Body Shop Dream Big This Christmas Deluxe Advent Calendar

R1400The Body Shop

This calendar boasts 25 great gifts, from makeup to skincare to bath and body faves, and has a feminist theme – love!


Essence Spread the Magic! Advent Calendar


What’s in this fun advent calendar? 24 carefully selected and lovingly arranged presents, that’s what!


L'Occitane Premium Advent Calendar


Want to really spoil yourself or a loved one this festive season? This bougie advent calendar is the answer


W7 Cosmetics Beauty Blast Advent Calendar


Not that into chocolate?  Then the W7 Cosmetics advent calendar, which is filled with makeup must-haves, is a win


Lush 12 Days of Christmas Gift Set


This gift set might only do a 12-day countdown, but with products are *this* good, you are bound to be more than satisfied


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