Go bananas by adding this fab fruit into your beauty routine


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Bananas – the most phallic fruit of the bunch. But they are *so much more* than just a prop for an obscene joke. (Although they are reeeeeeallly good at it).


We have for a long time known that, when consumed, bananas – which are loaded with potassium, as well as fibre and antioxidants – are touted to be able to moderate blood sugar levels, improve digestive issues and support heart health. They are also a convenient-to-pack-in-your-handbag snack that is rich in magnesium, which helps with everything from getting a good night’s sleep to PMS and even anxiety. Sjoe! That is quite the résumé!

But it’s not just our insides that can benefit from this fab fruit, but our outsides as well. I’m referring, of course, to our skin and hair. But what can it do? For our skin, the high potassium, which helps to moisturise and nourish the skin. They are also loaded with vitamin A, which is great for smoothing out a rough texture. Also, those antioxidants I mentioned? Those can help to delay and treat the signs of ageing (here’s looking at you, sun worshippers!).

And what about hair, I hear you ask? Yes, bananas can help with that too. They have a naturally high silica content, which can help to tame frizz and make your mane super sleek. It can also leave your mane shiny and soft (and smellin’ like a tropical island vacay).

Ready to go bananas? Here are five products to add to your beauty regimen that you can shop RN:


Lush Banana Skin Naked Facial Oil


This solid facial oil is packaging-free. Swipe it over your skin and massage it in for radiance and glow


The Body Shop Banana Hair Mask

R180The Body Shop

This once-a-week treatment that is packed with banana puree leaves hair feeling intensely nourished from root-to-tip


My Real Skin Banana Soap

R200Luxe Loft

This nourishing soap helps calm and soothe the skin and reduce redness and acne. Sold!


Tonymoly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

R142The Beauty Regime

This ultra-moisturising hand cream is rich in potassium and vitamin A to hydrate and protect your skin


A'pieu Milk One-Pack Sheet Mask

R35Glow Theory

The banana extract in this mask nourishes and revitalises your skin, while milk extracts hydrate


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