Armpit Facials Are the Perfect Way to Pamper an Unloved Body Part

Pretty, pampered pits.

The relationship that we have with our armpits is a weird one. They aren’t necessarily the body part most people would consider especially sexy or attractive, and many people go to great lengths to try and make them more socially acceptable. This can include hair-removal techniques, laser treatments and heavily-perfumed antiperspirant deodorant to make them more ‘palatable’ to the public.

On the other end of the spectrum you have those who buck convention, growing their ‘pit hairs long ‘n luscious, occasionally dying them neon colours and flashing them to all and sundry with immense pride.


You do you, boo. One thing that we could ALL benefit from, however, is an armpit facial. Just to keep things happy and healthy under there. And yes, this newfangled treatment actually exists.

Pamper Your Pits

People go to great lengths to keep their skin in good condition. This means going for regular targeted treatments, such as facials. But apparently, the face isn’t the only area that can benefit from this type of procedure. One spa in New York City is now offering armpit facials to their clients. Because apparently, they need some pampering too.

This treatment – which is aptly-named Peach Pit – is designed to treat all sorts of concerns, including ingrown hairs and discolouration. It starts with a scrub, after which any ingrown hairs are physically removed by the aesthetician. The area is then zapped with a high-frequency machine that kills nasty infection and odour-causing bacteria. The sessions finish with a mask to soothe and calm the skin.

We may never have thought to give our armpits this level of treatment or care, but who are we to turn our noses up at a relaxing, indulgent procedure that promises to leave our pits looking and feeling their freshest? Bring it on!

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