Ariana Grande is Launching a 'Thank U, Next' Fragrance

Get ready to smell like a star

When Thank U, Next hit the airwaves earlier this year, it quickly became an anthem to everyone who is ‘so f*ckin’ grateful for their ex’. The fact that the accompanying music video incorporated some major movie throwbacks, with remakes of scenes from classics such as Mean Girls and Legally Blonde, just made this tune even *more* popular. Back in May, Ariana Grande announced that she was working on a fragrance with the same name. And it’s going to be launching in less than two weeks!

Thank U, Next: A Scent for Beach-Lovin’ Babes

Ariana has been busy of late, but between dealing with controversy, calling out photographers and bagging a new bae, she has managed to find time to create a new scent (although she probably has people who do that for her). The scent is named after (and probably inspired by) her hit song from earlier this year, Thank U, Next.

The scent is going to be hitting shelves in the USA on 18 August (which means it might just arrive in SA in time for summer. Fingers crossed!).

But what does the scent of no regrets smell like exactly? Apparently similar to her Ari fragrance, but with beachy overtones. And the fact that she has included a coconut in her line-up of emojis promoting the perfume seems to confirm it. Tropical it is!

In June, Ariana received an award for her scent Cloud so we – and the rest of the world – have high hopes for her latest release. No pressure.

Thank U, Next also happens to come in the most Instagrammable bottle that we have seen in a long time, so it’s only a matter of time before it’s flooding our feeds as well as our nostrils. We’re ready!

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