Ariana Grande is Going to be Launching a New Fragrance


Pop singer Ariana Grande has been dominating the headlines this week, with news of her engagement to SNL star Pete Davidson which had her fan base debating on whether it was too soon or not. Her latest news, however, is slightly less controversial but still just as surprising and exciting. She is going to be releasing a fragrance!

Head in the Clouds

This is not Ariana’s first foray into the world of beauty or even perfume. The upcoming one, which she teased on Twitter last night, will be her fifth so she is practically a fragrance maven by now. All her fragrances have been packaged in similar bottles – round and textured with a pom pom on them – which was perfectly suited to her cute, girly aesthetic.

The new one, however, looks different and the packaging unexpected. The bottle looks a lot like the cloud emoji.

Because this is such a deviation from the norm, her fans are already getting excited to get their hands on some. While no official date has yet been announced, we have no doubt that when it does hit the shelves social media will be abuzz with the news.

Any more surprises up your sleeve, Ariana boo?

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