Ariana Grande is Wearing Her Hair Down on Tour and Everyone’s Losing it Again


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Just in case you were unsure – the fascination with Ariana Grande‘s hair is still very much in full swing. This was just confirmed by fans overwhelming reactions to the most recent sighting of her ponytail-free hair whilst performing on her Sweetener/ Thank U Next tour.

A quick recap: Ari has only worn her hair down a hand full of times (like, ever). Since sightings of her loose locks are so rare, people go absolutely wild whenever it occurs.

The reason for her continued devotion to the ponytail? She damaged her hair by bleaching it years back and has been trying to get it in good health ever since. As you probably already guessed, the ponytail isn’t Ari’s real hair, but extensions that protect her strands from any heat styling or further damage.

Cast your mind back to June when Ari was performing in Chicago sans pony – fans completely lost the plot, and hundreds of Tweets flooded in about how incredible she looks and how much they wanted her to wear her hair down more often.

History lesson over, here’s what’s happening today. During her performance in Germany on Saturday, Ariana debuted a super sleek, long, straight hairstyle (we’re thinking it’s probably a wig), with cute hair clips on either side.

Unsurprisingly, fans went wild and people are now *begging her* to wear her hair down during the rest of the tour.

‘Keep your hair like this so beautiful,’ said one.

‘She’s unbelievable how is this real,’ said another.

Considering she ALWAYS returns to her staple ponytail, we think it’s unlikely that she’ll ditch it for an extended period of time – she never does, but it would be a nice change. We won’t hold our breath.

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