Ariana Grande debuted a new butterfly tattoo at the Grammys


Ariana Grande lookalike Paige Niemann

If the last few days are anything to go by, 2020 is going to be the year of the tattoo, because more and more celebs are showing off their fresh ink just about on the daily. First, it was Selena Gomez and her ‘rare’ tattoo on her neck (which happens to be the name of her new album), then it was fellow Disney Channel alumna Vanessa Hudgens, who got a cute yellow sunflower inked onto her side boob. The latest famous tatt that has everyone on social media talking is on Ariana Grande, which fans noticed when she was at the Grammys on Sunday.

Ariana Grande gets a new tattoo

Singing sensation and ponytail-wearer Ariana Grande is the latest in a slew of celebs who are all getting fresh ink. It must be a New Years’ resolution. Her new addition was spotted by eagle-eyed fans when her Grammys look started doing the rounds online, and the design happens to be bang on-trend. What is it? A butterfly on her arm, which is totally in line with the 90s / 2000s revival we’re experiencing RN.

Sure, it’s prrreeeetttttty light, and it was being partially obstructed by her mega-long gloves, but it is definitely there, and no doubt already inspiring millions to get a matching design. I’m working on mine right now.

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