Are Relaxed Eyebrows Going to Become the Latest Beauty Trend?

To relax or not to relax, that is the question 🤔

Over the last few years, more and more women have been foregoing relaxer treatments on their hair in favour of rocking what their momma gave them. Natural hair is being sported by more and more celebs and influencers, which is trickling down into the mainstream – and it’s about time, too! But now it seems that this chemical concoction might be making a comeback as people are sporting their relaxed eyebrows on social media. We didn’t see this coming, and we are feeling super conflicted.

Are Relaxed Eyebrows Going to Become a Thing?

Last week one Twitter user posted a before and after picture of her brows pre- and post-relaxer to show the difference in texture.

We won’t lie – that is quite a transformation. But anyone who has had relaxer on their head is familiar with the burn that comes along with it. So can you imagine what it must feel like on your face? *shudder*

Dermatologists have also joined the debate and claim that this could result in chemical burns if extreme caution is not adhered to. For one, our eyebrows are different from the hair on our head and would require less time smothered in relaxer to become straight. If left on too long, not only could you skin become really irritated but you could also lose your brows altogether!

Instead of taking such drastic action in the quest for beautiful brows, we suggest going for regular sessions with a salon professional and using a brow pomade to manipulate your eyebrows into the shape you want daily. This might take more effort but at least you’ll still have eyebrows. Priorities, people!

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