How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

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Blush is undoubtedly one our favourite beauty products. Even without a full face of makeup, some blush on your cheeks can take you from the living dead to healthy and bright in less than a minute. For years we have been led to believe that the ONLY way you should apply it is on the apple of the cheeks. This method, however, doesn’t take into account that we all have different face shapes. So here is your definitive guide on how – and where – you should be applying your blush to complement your individuality. You’re welcome!

If you have a round face…

… it means that your cheeks are fuller and that your blush is easier to apply. You want to give your face the illusion of a lift, which is done by applying your product slightly underneath the apple of your cheeks. Extend the colour back towards your hairline, finish with some highlighter and watch those cheekbones pop.

If you have a square face…

… it means that your features are strong and angular. To make your face shape appear softer, concentrate your colour to the apple of your cheeks but closer to the nose. Then you can extend the pigment lightly outward towards your hairline. This will make your cheeks look round, plump and perfect, which is #goals, amiright?

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If you have an oval face…

… it is most likely quite long. Instead of applying your blush directly on to the apple of your cheeks, start further back in the middle of your cheeks instead. Then extend the shade outward and towards your ear lobes. This works because it concentrates the colour on the outer periphery of the face, giving it some width.

If you have a heart-shaped face…

… you probably have cheekbones for daaaaaays – lucky you! Since they are such a great asset, you should apply your blush in such a way that you amplify them even more. Do this by putting your product on the lower side of the apples of your cheeks and applying it in a semicircle shape going up towards the hairline. Fierce!

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