Colourful-hair fan Amandla Stenberg now has blue braids

?It’s an aquamarine dream, y’all ?

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20-year-old actress Amandla Stenberg is one bold babe, and this is definitely reflected in her on-trend Gen-Z style. This is especially true when it comes to her hair looks, because over the years she has served quite a variety of them. Her latest one is a legit aquamarine dream, because she is now sporting braids as blue as the ocean. And it’s making us want to dive right TF in.

Amandla Stenberg is feeling blue

Does anyone epitomise Gen-Z quite like Amandla? This forward-thinking actress not only kills it on screen, but is also an activist who is outspoken about race, sexuality and gender, and the face of Fenty Beauty. She also happens to have the modern aesthetic down as well, because she luuuuuurves herself some colourful hairstyles. And, just a few days ago, she got some très trendy blue braids.

She first posted a picture on Instagram of the blue and green-hued extensions, just to get her followers excited:

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Vibe check

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Then – after making us wait *four* nail-biting days – she posted a selfie showing off her new blue locks:

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?☹️ @name___date___ ☹️?

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This look is incredible, but let’s not forget all of her other stand-out hair moments. Because there have been a few.

This look was created to go with her Oscars look, and it was a sculpted wave of sheer perfection:

She also rocks her natural curls regularly, which are bouncy and hella beautiful:

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Hi hooligans

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In June she was working on a project in Paris, where she wore this cute, bobbed weave:

There was also *this* other-worldly ponytail which she wore to the MTV Movie Awards:

Being a fan of colour, she has also experimented with other fashion shades. Like pink:

And lest we forget that time she shaved all her hair off and looked like a total badass:

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boyfriend who wins u a stuffie at the local arcade

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We don’t know what hair look she’ll be wearing next but, luckily, we love surprises!

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