There’s a really clever trick behind Adele’s iconic eyeliner flick

Best get practicing for when we’re freeee!

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We’ve had a lot of time to ponder the *important* stuff during lockdown, like how Joe Exotic is getting on in prison, and if Manny MUA has recovered from being ‘cancelled’. But more importantly, we’ve been wondering when exactly Adele’s comeback is going to happen (while playing Someone Like You on repeat until our neighbours bang on the wall). We’ve also been wondering what her comeback look will be, and if her signature eyeliner wings will be out in full force.

We do hope so.

But even if the Grammy-award-winning singer decides not to re-visit the ‘60s-style eye make-up she’s so known for, there’s no reason we can’t. Shame eyeliner flicks are literally the trickiest makeup technique to master.

Cue Michael Ashton, make-up artist extraordinaire and Adele’s go-to glam man, who revealed all during a recent chat with us.

‘Start your line from the correct corner of the eye.’

‘When doing eyeliner on yourself, I always recommend starting from the outer corner and working inwards,’ he told COSMO UK. ‘It makes the hand create a straighter line towards the inner corner of the eye. So, you start at the outer end of your lash line working in towards the middle, then do a fine line from the inner corner of the eye to join the two lines together. Finish by doing the flick last at an upward 45-degree angle towards the temple.’

‘Fix any mistakes using a micellar-dipped cotton bud.’

Ashton went on to tell us that any mistakes can be fixed using a super-fine-tipped cotton bud dipped in micellar water. ‘If you find the flick is coming a bit too far down, use the cotton tip to refine and lift the edge of the wing.’

‘Try product cocktailing.’

He also revealed the secret behind a precise and opaque eyeliner finish: product cocktailing. ‘Start by creating the desired shape using either a gel pot liner or gel pencil, then layer a long-lasting liquid liner over top to really sharpen the edge and seal the deal.’

adele, eyeliner, beauty, beauty hack, makeup

‘Go big on the mascara.’

Ashton always recommends teaming your eyeliner with some mascara: ‘Start right at the base of the lashes, wiggling it left to right and almost pushing the mascara right into the root of the lash for really full and fluttering lashes.’

And Ashton’s go-to eyeliner kit? Here are four picks he’d approve of:


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