A Man Created a Sexist Guideline Based on Different Nail Types


As if men don’t say and do things on a daily basis that undermines the fairer sex, another one has created a sexist ‘guideline’ for his bros on how to avoid heartbreak. And he claims that the answer can be found in women’s nail types. I kid you NOT.

A male Twitter user – who goes by the uber-butch moniker Rocky – had people in stitches after posting a video of a guide he has created that, he says, can help other men figure out if a woman is ‘worth the investment.’ And his ridiculous theory has nail shapes, colours and styles at the centre of it.

He seems to think that he has the female species ‘all figured out’ and that making snap judgments on them based on their manicures is a surefire way to avoid making dating mistakes. If your eyes haven’t rolled to the back of your head just yet, they’re about to:

Nails: The Good, The Bad & The ‘Undateable’?

So what nail types does this guy take offense to, exactly? Well if you like to wear nude shades, you’re in luck, because you fall into the ‘safe’ zone. If you like French tips, however, you might be in trouble (or not!) because apparently, men should approach French mani wearers with caution. And the colours that will land you dateless, if Rocky has anything to say about it, are green, yellow, orange and red, because if you are bold enough for those colours, you are bold enough to ‘chop off [someone’s] balls’.

And it’s not just our colour choices coming under fire, but the shapes we choose to get as well. Rocky claims that women who get long, pointy manicures are 70% more likely to be aggressive and like tequila and ‘probably sell drugs’. Ladies with medium-length nails fare slightly better – according to him they are disorganised, messy and broke 70% of the time. Sounds like some *legit* stats. 🙄

While some women on Twitter are agreeing with him, his guide is problematic, not just because it’s sexist but stereotypical as well. We wonder what Rocky would make of someone who wore a manicure like this one:

But it’s safe to assume that you would probably be excommunicated. Let’s hope that Rocky and his bros are the exception – who, quite frankly, are probably just jealous of how much fun we get to have with our nails – and not the rule.

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