A Barber Shaved The Kardashians into Someone's Head

Is it possible to be impressed AND scared?

Back in the day, the main job of a barber was to give a close cut and shave to make men more dapper. This is still their main hustle today, but many of them have honed their razor skills and are able to produce all sorts of fancy designs, from gradient shading to more intricate patterns. And then there is one who created a ‘portrait’ of the Kardashian’s on someone’s head. I kid you not.

A Close Shave

César Ramirêz is a celebrity hairstylist who works with a lot of Hollywood A-listers and even counts the Kardashians as some of his clients. So when you see Kim or Kylie go from brunette to platinum blonde, to pink and then back again, know that he is the one responsible! A few days ago, he posted a video showing a man who had all five Kardashian sisters – Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie – shaved into his head, complete with their individual hairstyles. The person behind this creepy-but-cool creation is Texas-based barber Rob the Original, and if he wasn’t famous before, he is about to be. Feast your eyes on his Kardashian Kreation:

Not only do the ‘hairstyles’ match a hairstyle that the sisters have rocked at some point in their careers, but even their makeup is on fleek. Talk about attention to detail!

Naturally, once the famous family saw this insane hairdo, they reposted it to their social media accounts immediately, and the likes came rolling in by their hundreds of thousands. As they do.

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Credit: instagram / @kyliejenner

This recent artwork might be his most-talked-about to date, but Rob is pretty talented when it comes to wielding a razor, and we hope that he continues to create portraits of our fave celebrities portraits, even if they are a bit scary.

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