9 Gorgeous Wedding Nail Design Ideas You'll Love

Because it’s a big day for you and your nails.

Now that you’ve gotten your engagement ring selfie out the way, you have another very serious decision to make: WTF you’re going to do with your nails for your actual wedding day itself. By default (or, like, crippling indecision?), most brides tend to stick to barely there nudes, soft pinks, or just plain ol’ clear. But, I’m a major proponent of everyone feeling 100 percent themselves on their big day—even if that means choosing an untraditional manicure. So whether you skew more classic or cool, I found the nine prettiest wedding nail ideas that will make you want to say ‘I do.’ Twice.

1 Classic Pink

Nothing says bridal like the most classically feminine shade of modern times: Pink. Just don’t forget to add a long-lasting top coat for a chip-free finish that will last well into your honeymoon.

2 Classic White

I know, I know—matchy-matchy can feel so early aughts, but just like a white wedding dress will never go out of style, neither will a matching crisp-white mani (which means no nail-trend regrets 20 years from now). Keep it simple with a pure-white shade or show off your personality with some nail decals or freehand nail art.

3 A Touch of Blue

If you want to pay homage to the ‘something blue’ tradition, try adding it to your nails with periwinkle blue polish in either an all-over coat or within a nail design, like this half-moon mani.

4 Modernised French Tips

If you’re not into a traditional French-tip manicure, but still want the clean, minimal look, try this new twist on an old classic. Just freehand thin strips of white polish over clear-coated nails, and boom: You’ve got a 2019 upgrade.

5 Confetti Nails

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Let’s be honest: A wedding is pretty much a big-ass party with your closest friends and family. So, go all out with this sophisticated sparkle that says, ‘Hello, I’m refined, rather than, ‘HOLY SHIT, I’M GLITTER.’

Try a clear, confetti-spiked polish, or make your own by sprinkling metallic flakes on top of your still-wet nails, then topping the whole thing off with clear polish.

6 Neutral Tones

Alright, fine—technically, this is right in line with old-school traditional, but who am I to judge a standby favourite?

7 Rule-Breaking Red

Don’t @ me, but I firmly believe that a bold red is 100 percent acceptable on your wedding day. Why? Because it looks great on every skin tone, and it adds a subtle pop against your crisp white wedding gown. (Bonus points if you have killer hand tattoos, too.)

8 Juicy Peach

Not quite pink, yet not quite nude, peach is the latest hue seen on bridal runways, and, soon, your entire social media feed. Try a soft, peach-pink shade for lighter skin tones, and an apricot-peach color for deeper skin tones.

9 Iridescent

The perfect balance between out-there and barely-there, this iridescent design will make your wedding day just a touch more fun. If, you know, that’s even possible.

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