8 Hi-Tech Beauty Gadgets That Will Make You Next-Level Gorgeous

The future is now 👽

Despite all the predictions made in years gone by, robots haven’t yet taken over the world.


They are getting there, though.


But this level of technology is making its way into the world of skincare, with loads of innovative beauty gadgets available that can make us look even better. And here are eight of them:

1 Igia Touch Screen LED Light Make-Up Mirror

A bougie mirror can make applying your makeup flawlessly a whole lot easier. This one has adjustable light settings and the mirror itself is high definition so you can see what you’re doing clearly.

2 Rotating Selfie Ring Light with Mirror

A beauty-influencer staple, these nifty light-and-mirror-in-one devices attach to your phone and guarantee selfies that look so good, you won’t have to rely on filters ever again. Really!

3 Body Perfect Electric Hair Removal Epilator

If threading is your hair-removal option of choice, then you are going to love this device. It works in the same way and is easy to use, and will definitely save you money on salon appointments.

4 The Flawless Beauty Spinner Brush Electric Brush Cleaner

Washing your makeup brushes on the regular is important. If you don’t, bacteria will breed in the bristles and transfer onto your skin and cause breakouts. This device makes it a whole lot easier.

5 Sorbet Salon Skin Sonic Pro Facial Cleanser

When electric cleansing brushes arrived on the scene, they changed the way we wash our faces. This one has interchangeable heads and soft bristles, and provides a deep clean that can rival a facial.

6 Vacuum Electric Facial Acne Blackhead Cleaner Set

Struggle with clogged pores? Us too, fam. This beauty gadget comes with four different heads to target different concerns and is designed to suck them out, which is as gory and satisfying as it sounds.

7 Photizo Skin Care LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is all the rage, with many famous faces attributing it to their glow. This handheld device stimulates collagen and elastin production to keep your skin looking younger for longer.

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Photizo Skin Care LED Light Therapy / R3 074

8 7 Colour LED Facial Mask

Look familiar? Celebs, including Chrissy Teigen…

… and Jessica Alba…

… swear by these LED light masks to keep them looking young and fresh. In a pinch, it can also double up as a Halloween mask so it’s really two products in one. Bargain!

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