7 At-Home Chemical Exfoliants that Will Make Your Skin Glow

Prepare to meet your new skincare BFF

Everyone wants glowing skin – that’s a fact. One of the best ways to achieve this is to incorporate a chemical exfoliant or peel into your skincare routine.

And while the words ‘chemical’ and ‘peel’ might conjure up images that are, quite frankly, the stuff of nightmares…


…there are products that are mild enough to use at home and, if used correctly, won’t make your face melt off. We promise!

Here are seven of our favourites that are guaranteed to give you your healthiest, most flawless skin yet.

1 Six Sensational Skincare Brightening Enzyme Peel

Made with papaya enzymes and coconut oil, this peel not only breaks down dead skin cells but also leaves skin feeling nourished and moisturised.

2 The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel

We know that skin loves vitamin C, and this peel is chock-full of it. It’s gentle enough that even a skincare rookie can use it, but it will still give you that glow.

3 Dr Dermal Texture Correction Pads

These individually wrapped pads are created by a dermatologist so you can rest assured that they are good for your skin and will yield some serious results.

4 L’Oréal Revitalift Bright Reveal Bright Peel Pads

Not only do these pads delay the initial signs of ageing (see ya later, wrinkles!) but they also work at correcting uneven skin tone. Genius!

5 Mario Badescu Skincare Glycolic Acid Toner

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid which breaks down the ‘glue’ that holds dead skin to the skin’s surface. And this stuff? It magically wipes it away.

6 The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

This brand is making waves around the world because it’s just that great. And its glycolic acid-based toning solution is no exception.

7 Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

If you love face masks and want to reduce the appearance of fine lines, renew your complexion and look brighter, then this gem is right up your alley.

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