6 Tips for Organising Your Makeup Collection So That You Never Lose Anything Again

All your favourite products, always on hand

You know that frustration when you can’t find the beauty product you’re looking for in among all the chaos? We’ve all been there. But follow these 10 makeup-collection-sorting tips and you’ll never have to go there again. You’re welcome.

1 Write it Down

If you are as obsessed with makeup as we are, chances are you have a lot. And when you have a lot, it can be easy to forget what you have. This is where making a list over your inventory will come in handy. It might also be worth writing down the date you opened it so that you can toss things when they have passed their expiry date.

2 Start Catagorising

This could probably go without saying, but one way to keep your makeup collection slightly more organised is to organise your products into categories. This means that cosmetics for lips, eyes, and face are kept separately and, if you want to be extra, you can categorise further and only put the same type of products together.

3 Separate Your Staples

Something that I do that works like a charm is to carrying the makeup that I use most regularly in a separate makeup bag. If you get tired of something you can easily switch it out but this helps to keep your most-used products together and prevents them from getting lost among all your other goodies.

4 Label Your Loot

After dividing all your makeup into specific categories, you need to label them so that they are easy to locate. This doesn’t just mean labelling the box that they are being kept in, but also doing colour swatches on paper of the makeup in generic containers and taping them to the lid so that you can see the shade of each one without having to open them.


5 Brush Up

Instead of keeping them cooped up in boxes and bags, a great way to store your makeup brushes is in a cup or mug. This means that they are able to ‘breathe’ to prevent bacteria from building up and it means that you can wash them and put them in a cup bristle side up and they will be able to air dry thoroughly. Handy!

6 Make it Magnetised

Rather than stuffing all your cosmetics into boxes and bags, why not have them out on display? This is not only a great way to show off your collection but also makes it easier to see what you have because it’s all there in front of you. The best bit? You can make one yourself, so you can organise your makeup on a budget. Nice!

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