6 Budget-Friendly Haircare Products to Make Your Locks Look Luscious

Have a good hair day every day

Think that good hair comes with a hefty price tag? It doesn’t have to. There are so many underrated haircare products available that are not only great for your hair but easy on your wallet as well, meaning that even if you have had a hideous January financially, you can still rock fab locks.


Yes, you! And here are our top six haircare products to help you do it.

1 Earthsap Pomegranate And Soy Shampoo

Not only is this line of shampoos and conditioners locally made, but they are free from sulphates and other chemicals which can damage your hair. Soft manageable hair that is as healthy as it is gorgeous? Yes, please!

2 Cantu Shea Butter Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Masque

Too much styling and exposure to the elements can make our hair dry, brittle and lacklustre. This packet is here to help – and it packs a major punch. No harmful ingredients here, just everything you need for healthy, restored tresses.

3 Garnier Ultimate Blends The Strength Restorer Serum

Say goodbye to brittle hair with this leave-in serum from Garnier. Applying this magical elixir after washing and towel-drying hair will make it stronger, shinier and just generally better.

4 L’Oréal Elnett Satin Hair Spray

This award-winning hair spray has been around since the ’80s and won countless awards. Why? Because it allows you to create styles that will last the whole day. And, in a pinch, it can be used to set your makeup too.

5 Spiral Hair Elastics

Want to tie your hair up but not keen on the problems that hair ties can cause, from headaches to strange kinks? Then this spiral elastic, which leaves hair in the same condition it was before tying it up, will be your new BFF.

6 Oh So Heavenly Hair Scentsations Refreshing Hair Fragrance Paradise Escape

We all want to smell good from head to toe, and this lovely hair fragrance helps to make sure that your hair comes to the party. It’s like a tropical vacay for your locks and the scent will turn heads for all the right olfactory-related reasons.

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