5 Ways Your Dry Shampoo Habit is Ruining Your Hair

Slow down on the spraying.

Disclaimer: I love dry shampoo. I discovered it on my gap year in the UK in 2006 and mailed countless cans home to myself so that I wouldn’t run out. When it arrived on SA shores I was overjoyed because it meant I could stop insisting that friends overseas take an empty bag to fill up with the stuff and bring back for me. Now I could actually stock up at my local drugstore.

Dry shampoo has now taken off in a huge way, and there are different varieties available on the market. Have blonde hair and love the smell of cherry blossoms? There’s a dry shampoo out there with your name on it. Every day loads of people are spritzing this miracle product onto their hair without realising that there are consequences associated with this spray-a-day habit. While this doesn’t mean that I will ever stop using it – I’m too deep in my addiction to turn back now – it’s worth noting that dousing yourself in it too much too often can ruin your hair. Here’s how:

1 It could make your hair fall out

Are you locks falling out in sad clumps? This could be health related. Or it could be that you are addicted to the can. The chemicals in dry shampoo that give us our best hair day are pretty harsh. This means that some people can develop dermatitis when using it, even if it’s just one time. Dermatitis is an allergic reaction, which causes irritation and can result in long-term hair loss. This doesn’t mean that using it will make you bald but if you have thinner hair, you should spray with caution.


2 It can even stunt your future hair growth

Most people can recover from over-usage and, if they can bring themselves to use less, can have normal, healthy hair once more. For an unlucky few however, it may stunt their hair growth more permanently. This is because dry shampoo gets trapped in your pores and, if this happens too often, your hair follicles can suffocate and stop growing new hair. Scary stuff.

3 It can cause your skin to break out

You know what could possibly be worse than a bad hair day? A bad skin day. Breakouts can spring up overnight and take days to disappear. Also, they love to erupt when you really want to look your best – thanks, sebaceous glands. But did you know that using dry shampoo on the (very) regular could actually be contributing to this pimply problem? Because this product clogs up the pores, it can cause acne on the scalp, which can migrate down onto your forehead and then to the rest of your face. True story!


4 It can make your hair even greasier

The whole point of using dry shampoo is to absorb the oil chilling on your hair strands to give you that fresh, ‘just-cleansed’ look. But the chemicals used in it don’t discriminate and actually absorb ALL the oil, even the good stuff your hair needs to be healthy. So what does this mean? It means that your hair gets confused and, over time, can start producing even MORE oil to compensate for the arid environment you are creating. The result? Even greasier hair than you had before. It’s a vicious cycle.

5 It can make your scalp really itchy

The area most people tend to concentrate on when spraying on the dry shampoo is the scalp. Which makes sense, as this is the area that can give away the cleanliness – or filthiness – of our hair. But, as you may have guessed, this can lead to problems – one of the biggest ones being a really itchy situation. If you use dry shampoo for a few days in succession, it causes a buildup of grime, which can make skin inflamed, itchy and flaky. This is why this product should be used in emergencies only and not as an excuse to forgo washing altogether.


Consider yourself warned.

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