5 Ways Wearing Makeup Can Promote Body Positivity

Pile it on with pride, ladies!

Wearing makeup is one of those things that many people think women feel obligated to wear. In some cases this may be true (down with the patriarchy!) but this mind-set is starting to shift. Finally, women are able to wear what they please without worrying about the opinions of others, and the same goes for your war paint. Here are five ways in which wearing a full face of makeup can actually promote body positivity. Because it’s about time!

Express Yourself

The most obvious way in which full coverage can go hand in hand with body positivity is that it is a vehicle for the wearer to express their creativity. People who like to wear makeup on the daily and experiment with new looks and techniques can be called artists in the same way a painter can be. Serious!

Look at Me

Experimenting with bold makeup looks might not be a way of hiding something but rather drawing attention to yourself. Think about it: why would someone who wants to blend into the crowd wear something that would make them stand out? They wouldn’t. So try that new trend, and enjoy the stares.


Own It

In the same way that you can use makeup as a means of self-expression, so you can also use it to own your face. What does that mean, exactly? It means that you have the power to choose how you present yourself to the world, and this can be done by going natural or by really caking it on. Your face, your rules.

Raise Awareness

Since it was first invented, makeup is something that has been associated with women. And women have also been made to feel as though they are only beautiful if they wear it. These days more and more people who don’t fall into the cisgender female category are starting to wear it, and this helps to raise awareness around LGBTQ+ issues and also challenges gender norms.

Changing Views

The standard of beauty has, for a long time, been very vanilla and not at ALL inclusive. By wearing makeup that challenges these outdated beauty norms, such as weird or mismatched colours or messy makeup, you can play a role in changing the perception of what beauty is. And that is HUGE! It’s 2017, and we all measure up.

Go forth and slay, beauties!


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