5 Things Your Hair Stylist Wishes You'd Stop Doing to Your Locks

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For most people, their hair is their crowning glory. So much so that waking up to a bad hair day can negatively impact your mood and even lower your self-esteem. These strands are seriously powerful! Despite how much you might claim to love your locks, however, you are probably not taking care of it the way your hair stylist would like. We chatted to Dale from Howe Hair – where Cape Town’s cool kids get their hair did – and here are five things they, and all hair pros, wish you would stop doing. It’s for your own good.

1 Home Dye Jobs

Loads of people like to experiment with colour. A lot of these people also go about it the cheap way by doing it at home with a box of store-bought dye or bleach. It might seem harmless enough, but this can cause a lot of damage to your hair, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. And, if you aren’t a hair professional, you don’t know what you’re doing. The formulas are designed so that ‘one size fits all’ and doesn’t take your hair history into account. The result? Maybe an okay dye job. Or maybe a hot, dry, damaged mess that will cost you a lot more than you bargained for. Why risk it?

2 Not Using Heat Protection

Many people are suspicious of the beauty industry and think that they release gimmicks products in order to make more money. Sometimes that is the case, but definitely not when it comes to heat protectant spray. Spritzing a generous amount onto your hair before it comes into contact with any extreme heat is something that Dale insists on, and explains that the product actually coats the hair with a protective film to minimise damage. Just wait for it to dry first before gliding your straightener over it. Unless you like the hissing sounds and smoke associated with scorched hair.

3 Cutting Your Own Fringe

Sometimes people get a bee in their bonnet and decide that they need a change, and they need it now! We get it, but these times are when many regrettable decisions are made. And this is how a lot of people who usually rock middle and side paths suddenly find themselves with a dodgy, DIY fringe. Not only do fringes not suit everyone (sorry!) but different fringes look good on different people, and only the pros know how to snip them so that like look bomb. Taking a brush and a pair of scissors and hoping for the best will likely not yield the results you want (and could cause floods of tears).

4 Overdoing the Dry Shampoo

When dry shampoo hit the SA market a few years back, it swooped in and literally CHANGED LIVES. This was because it meant you could skip your hair washes for a couple of days and use it to keep your barnet looking fresher for longer. Who doesn’t love a time-saving product? The answer would be no one. And while it is great to use every now and then to tie you over, it should not be used every day. If you do, you could black your hair follicles causing hair loss and less growth. So if you want your hair to be long or luscious, you might want to shower more and spray less. Just sayin’.

5 DIY Hair Treatments 

Coconut oil might be a lot of things, but it is NOT a hair treatment, says Dale. And while you might see something resembling a result after slapping some raw egg or avocado on your locks, they are not going to improve your hair in the long run. If you are all about instant gratification, then feel free to raid your pantry. If not, then you might want to look into getting some professional treatments at your salon if your budget allows for it. Alternatively you can purchase hair masks that are made using ingredients that are scientifically proven to make your hair better and more manageable.

Your hair is always with you, and always has your back (or at least the back of your head). Treat it with the kindness it deserves and you will make loads of happy memories together. Here’s to good hair days every day!

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