5 Things I Learnt from CHI Hairstylist Anna Cantu

Her hack for quick and easy curls, though🙌🏾

Hot on the heels of styling the Miss USA pageant finalists, celebrated global stylist and CHI ambassador Anna Cantu visited South Africa to share her haircare and styling tips at an event hosted by Glamit – the exclusive South African distributors of CHI.

The event was held at the newly refurbished (and breathtakingly beautiful) spa at Lanzerac Hotel, which reopens to the public on 1 July following a devastating fire in 2017.

Anna Cantu defies the ordinary every time she styles hair,’ said Inge Peacock, managing director of Glamit. ‘If you’ve seen her on stage, you’ll know what I’m talking about. She captivates audiences with her high-energy performances. She creates styling masterpieces seen on the runways and red carpets, while using the stage as her platform for educating and inspiring audiences about building the foundation for the perfect up-style, using proper products and tools to create elegant updos, high-fashion statements and, of course, a whole lot of sky-high volume!’

Anna, who has worked with Miss Universe and our cover star Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, gave us a glimpse into her world with a live styling workshop.

Here’s what I learnt:

1 The trends for 2018/2019

Shag cuts, tons of layering and embracing the natural texture of your hair are all on the cards regarding trends for 2018/2019. Lightening your hair and adding ‘kisses’ of colour such as lilac is also huge in the US right now.

2 Not all trends will be for you

Just because layered hair and textured bangs are in, doesn’t mean that you have to go for either!

Two important questions to ask yourself when considering a trend are: ‘will it suit my face shape?’ and ‘will it suit the natural texture of my hair?’

The good news is that it’s very likely there’ll be a trend out there that works for you!

3 This is an ah-mazing hair hack!

So, you want to add some curl to your hair but don’t have the time. Anna shared this curling tip with us that you need to try RN!

Steps to follow:

1 Tie your hair up in a high ponytail.

2 Separate your hair into about four sections (depending on the thickness of your hair) and curl each using a curling tong or flat iron.

4 Remove your hair band and gently run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls.

5 Finish with hairspray.

4 Good hair starts with a quality shampoo and conditioner

Have you ever been convinced to buy a professional shampoo and conditioner? Yup, same. Well, Anna pretty much confirmed how important it is to use a good-quality shampoo and conditioner and we’re taking her word for it!

She says that everyone needs a good shampoo to remove any build-up and a conditioner to moisturise hair.

5 Keratin is important AF

Anna suggests that everyone use a product rich in keratin, a protein naturally found in hair. Products that contain Keratin are super-important for strong, healthy hair.

For more information on CHI and to browse their products, visit Glamit.co.za.

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