5 STUNNING Beauty Looks From Paris Couture Fashion Week to Steal RN

Off the runway and on to your face

Yesterday saw the end of one of the most anticipated events in the fashion world – Paris Couture Fashion Week. This gave big-name designers an opportunity to show off some of their most high-end and conceptual pieces. And you know what pairs really well with outrageous garments? Some seriously avant-garde makeup looks.

While most of them might be a bit intimidating to wear if you’re not strutting down a runway, maybe one of your resolutions for 2019 is to take more risks. And if it is, then here are some of our fave looks and what you’ll need to recreate them.

Go on – be brave!

1 Dior

The models at the Dior show were channeling sexy Pierrot clowns: Clown-inspired makeup, skull caps and a ruffled collar as well as sheer tops with some nipple exposure. The eye makeup was the stand-out element in this beauty look and it relies heavily on a soft, smudge-able liner and mascara. It’s next-level smoky eyes with a carnival twist.

Get the look:

2 Chanel

Kaia Gerber seems to be spending every waking moment shashaying down runways – and she manages to kill it every time. For the Chanel show the models were serving modern Marie Antoinette chic but instead of powdered wigs their natural hair was hair sprayed (a lot) to give the illusion of a regal updo. Some strong-hold hair spray and patience is all you need to recreate it.

Get the look:

3 Givenchy

The designers at Givenchy know that glitter is where it’s at. This is no doubt why their makeup designer Pat McGrath wanted to cover their model’s foreheads and eyes in glitter. Because if you are included in the line-up for Paris Couture Fashion Week, is there any point in being subtle? There isn’t. Some glitter primer, glitter and a whole lotta confidence is all you need to pull this off.

Get the look:

4 Armani

Slightly more subtle but equally as fierce were the models for the Armani show. The black beaded headpieces and geometric jewellery were the focal points of the beauty looks, but the barely-there makeup with some stand-out red liner underneath the eyes brought just enough drama. We love that this look is wearable. Weekend look – sorted!

Get the look:

5 Valentino

Valentino can be relied on to deliver soft, ethereal, feminine looks, and the fashion giant didn’t disappoint at this year’s Paris Couture Fashion Week. The models had soft, natural makeup everywhere except the eyes, which had dark liner and some insane, feathery lashes. Ones of this size might be a bit awkward to wear, but a more subtle pair would make for some sick selfies.

Get the look:

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