5 Signs That You Probably Shouldn't Get That Tattoo You Really Want

Hate to break it to you…

Body art is great – it’s a way to harness and display your creativity (and snaps of them can make for Instagram gold, too). But despite how easy it is to walk into a studio and get inked, this type of body modification should not be entered into lightly because, as we all know, tattoos are permanent. And laser treatments to get them removed are painful and costly. So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo, here are five signs that you might need to spend a bit more time thinking about it.


You won’t ‘ragret’ it.

1 If you are underage

Did you know that our brain only reaches the stage of full development when we are in our mid-twenties? In fact, some psychologists even believe that we are teenagers until we are 24. What does this have to do with tattoos? A lot. Young people can make some rash decisions, and what we like when we are younger also changes dramatically as we age. This means that getting a tattoo when you are underage could result in you being stuck with the face of a K-Pop star on your body forever. Just something to think about.

2 If you are getting body art for someone else

Getting a tattoo is something that takes plenty of thought and planning and should be done for you and you alone. Maybe you want to have ‘Mom’ etched into your skin for eternity (hey, some people are into that) but getting a tattoo of a partner’s name (or, dare we say, face!) is a risky move. Relationships  – especially ones that are SO INTENSE that you need to tattoo your names on each other – tend to change over time, which could result in you having your ex’s name on your body permanently. Boy bye!

3 If you want a face, neck or hand tattoo but don’t have any other ink

Face tattoos are having a moment and can be spotted on the faces of many popular celebs. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should follow suit, especially if you have little-to-no tattoos anywhere else. The same goes for other always-visible areas, such as your hands and your neck. There is still a lot of (unfair) stigma attached to body art, and getting tattoos in these spots can make you less employable and also appear less approachable. Also – these areas hurt, guys! If you’re just starting out, might we suggest a less painful area? How about the upper arm?

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4 If you are currently unemployed or ‘in-between’ jobs

If you are currently a student, unemployed or in-between jobs, you need to think long and hard before booking an appointment at your local tattoo studio. Why? Because unfortunately, body art can still be the make-or-break factor that prevents you from landing your dream job. People in client-facing roles are often required to conceal their body art, whether it’s with clothing or heavy-duty makeup, and tattoo artists are hesitant to give people tattoos in visible areas that could stand in their way of career success. Thoughtful, much?

5 If you are feeling in any way unsure or indecisive

This should go without saying, but if you are not 100% sure of the body art you want, or are hesitant about the design, don’t…do…it. And you don’t even need to feel bad about changing your mind at the last minute either; you and your tattoo/s are going to be spending a lot of time together – a lifetime actually – so it’s important that you love them and are proud to show them off. Here’s a tip: Stick a design that you want to have tattooed on your body on your wall. Leave it there for a year. If you still aren’t sick of seeing it every day, you might be on to a winner.

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Make good decisions, peeps!

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